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tv   KTVU News at 6  FOX  December 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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. now at 6:00, play off excitement, and it's not even play offs. fans are at candlestick park with the see seahawks.
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south africa and the bay area pay tribute to mandela. . >> the 49ers and their fans making a statements with a grudge match. a preview of another encounter in the post season. >> reporter: candlestick was packed. there was a huge divisional matchup. security at the stick was ramped up. >> reporter: the offense is excited. fans left in a hurry out of the cold. we talked to them before the
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game. they told us how important this game is. before kick off there was foot work from fans. >> 1, 2, 3 [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: there was partying and grilling since 8:00, before what was a big game. >> we just want to get in the play offs. >> reporter: 49ers fans and the many seahawks fans. >> it used to be a time seats were cheap. >> we are coming into our own. they don't like it too much around here. >> reporter: rivalry -- >> these are my friends. >> reporter: is good natured. still san francisco police stepped up today just in case.
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officers were dressed as fans too. the 49ers have a story making a turn. with time running out on candlestick park. >> we need to be here. >> reporter: the 49ers next game will be on monday in 2 weeks. even if they make the play offs, this is possibly the last sunday game here is the the stick. today's grudge match was too close for comfort. but the 49ers came out on top against the seahawks. you can relive the action in an early edition of sports wrap. developing news, a shooting has left a man with life-
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threatening injuries in vallejo in front of an elementary school. he was taken to a hospital. police are still looking for the shooter. now to a weather alert. the cold conditions gripping the bay air, tonight a freeze warning is in effect for most of the bay area. >> residents woke up to frost on their car. . >> we have live team coverage. some of the coldest temperatures were in the bay. how is it looking right now, mark? >> reporter: these temperatures will continue for about a week. we have very cold numbers. we have 20s toward napa.
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santa rosa was 26. concord was 39 and san jose lower 30s. how much cooling is happening right now in fairfield. santa rosa 40. as far as the freeze warnings, it is reissued tonight. in 10 minutes we will look at the forecast. the timing of when it ends is coming up in 10 minutes. cara is live in santa rosa with some of the coldest temperatures. how is it holding up? >> reporter: it's told. that's for sure.
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people are bundled up. the temperature is about 43 degrees as you can see on the sign. at king's nursery they have had frantic calls. people are trying to save their plants. they ran out a few days ago of frost cloths. tomorrow is the 5th freeze warning, a lot of people's gardens are suffering. >> we had such a warm season, the plants weren't used to the conditions. it was shocking to them. suddenly it is extra cold. >> reporter: while choosing christmas trees, they have been
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busy all weekend. anybody with a flight out tomorrow morning, the airlines ask you check for weather delays. they are expecting some delays. they may need to deice their planes. today's spare the air alert is extended through tomorrow. pollution levels remain high. fire logs and other fuel is illegal unless is it your only source of heat. mark will bring us updates on the forecast throughout the hour. we also have it on our ktvu web
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page. today was a day of prayer for nelson mandela. president obama will attend tuesday's memorial. jimmy carter may attend as well. mandela died thursday. mosque churches meditated on a man on this day of remembererance. ♪ 64-year-old joliz has been coming here her whole life.
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. >> he was a loving man. he came up from the island. where he is . >> reporter: she was at the heart of the uprising against apartheid. . >> i remember it being difficult for black people in this country. we used to run and come to this church to come if we were in trouble. there was no understanding between us at the time. >> reporter: like her 4-year-
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old grandson, starkly different. in a government, thanking the lord who saved them from revenge. >> allow them to get rid of their guilt feeling. >> reporter: today mandela's death reminds them of what they have worked for and the nation they still need to create. ♪ cnn, south africa. >> services at glide memorial church recalled mandela and his long fight against apartheid. joyful singing rang out in a startling revelation, he said
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he used to hate white people for slavely. then he said mandela inspired him. >> he went in one way but he knew it wasn't the way to continue. i didn't get it, and i wasn't going to do it. >> reverend called on them to love. the city has had flags at half staff. they will remember his life and legacy. visitors can sign a condolence book. after returning from detainment, merrill newman said he was treated well. he was with his family
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yesterday after landing at sfo. he was in a hotel room and not in a jail. when questions about actions, he said that's not my english. he read a statement in sorrow for killing north koreans. an adventure that saved their lives. after the crash of asiana flight 214 and firefighters in charge. ilt fresh from the breap for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh.
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customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh. early today oakland police came out in force looking for a
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homicide suspect at west 36th street. officers had their guns drawn. they didn't find any suspects and the area opened at 6:30 this morning. 52-year-old lin was stabbed during a robbery. the attacker escaped on foot. this is the 85th homicide this year, but that is down from 120. the crash of asiana flight 214, details are anything out about the lack of training. firefighters lacked disaster training. 3 of them never took the course
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requires of first responders. july 6 the plane clipped a seawall landing at sfo killing 2 teenagers. a third person died being run over from the fire rig. fees to pay for an up grade is stalling. 44% of residents can afford the hike from muni. the fee increase to pass has to have 2/3 voter approval. workers suffered flash burns. pg&e said he was working on a
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transformer when it blew. 30 stray dogs are being flown on the chihuahua express. >> come on. this is the kennel area where they stay. >> reporter: the shelter is packed. >> the shelters are flooded with small little dogs. there isn't a lot of interest in adopting. >> reporter: the designer dog trend is to blame. >> these three dogs were wandering in a pack on alameda. it is a perfect example of how many strays are in the bay area. they are flying 30 dogs to
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boise, idaho. >> there is a demand. so now you are not euthanizing the animals. >> reporter: volunteers where 398 dogs have been turned in since january. >> it is overwhelming whelming. if they are not adopted here then why not. >> reporter: wings of rescue will take off from the livermore airport tomorrow morning. >> we hope to do it again in the future. >> reporter: the goal is to connect animals to a loving home. >> cute. hopefully they find homes.
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>> talk about our cold weather. >> reporter: it is chilly. i was surprised, lots of 30s already. once again on live storm track, it is cold air moving in from the north. that trend will continue through tomorrow morning. the freeze morning until 9:00. it is reissued 10:00 monday until tuesday. san francisco will be very cold as well, 30s. the coolest locations, around to, have spots around 18 or 19 degrees. overnight lows.
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napa 21. santa rosa 23. these are 3 to 6 degrees cooler. livermore 23. san jose 27. once again across the bay area we have a morning freeze. as you can see, san rafael is 27. napa still cold. we are talking about morning freeze. livermore and fremont, 20s and 30s. the pen ins penninsula not under a freeze warning. in the south bay san jose has a
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freeze warning. lower 20s at 23 in morgan hill. 20 to 35 degrees. between 6:00 and 7:00 will be the coldest. in the afternoon by 3:00 on track to reach the upper 40s. tomorrow will be warmer than today. san francisco, 51 and san jose will be lower 50s. cold numbers against. temperatures trend upward. with the warming trend we have a few extra clouds and a slight
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chance of showers. the weekend view coming ing knop coming up in a few minutes. remembering paul walker. hop how thousands of fans pay tribute. imagine being a sleep on an empty, locked plane. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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. police in michigan are ready to arrest fans that jammed streets that threw whatever they could find in fires after a game. there were arrests but they are not saying how many. a memorial for paul walker drew thousands this afternoon in santa clarita. many drove to the memorial in
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special cars. one man brought a huge poster. >> he had a big heart. he wasn't like every other celebrity. >> walker and his friend roger rodas were at a charity event and then went for a ride when they crashed. the world's largest airline after the u.s. supreme court denied the consumer group to stop the merger. american and u.s. air airways could complete the deal this week. a man, tom, wagner, went
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from louisiana to california. he was in the back of the plane in a window seat. >> i called my girlfriend. i said i am locked on a plane. she said stop. i said i am telling you. >> about a half our later flight attendants had done a walk through. he got a $250 voucher and a hotel room. if you thought it was cold here. we will take you back to the game where fans had so much snow they couldn't see the
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ball. limit locations just to 1% of the city. hundreds of toys dropped off today. a group of bay area bikers have donated to children year after year.
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. back to our weather alert. a live picture of oakland where it is 39. we mentioned a freeze warning is in effect for the bay area.
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>> tracking the conditions, mark, can is really really cold. >> reporter: we will beat those numbers by a few degrees. we are wrapping up sunday with a few 30s. liver normoore is 37. there is the 34 in napa right now. the timeline below freezing. 20 to 21 tomorrow morning. we will have the forecast lows for 40 cities coming up in a little bit. you can follow mark and the rest of the ktvu weather team.
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they have updates on twitter and facebook. snow, ice, and sleet, dallas and fort worth has had 3 deaths. 35,000 35,000 home and businesses are running out of power. >> we have very tretcherous conditions. it has not gone above freezing. >> the east is clogged with passengers. heavy snow and icy rain are making roads difficult. this is what it looked like in philadelphia where the eagles faced the detroit lions. fans at the game couldn't see
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the yard markers and point out where the ball was. more action a little later in sports wrap. president obama is calling on aid to help with the afford able care act. republicans want to repeal the law. americans may have to pay more than they expected to keep their doctors. >> congress will be in session. they have a long list of bills to finish. 1.3 1.3 americans will be affected. a farm bill will keep milk prices stable if it passes.
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the city council will consider regulations for libraries and parks, 1% of san jose. it will close dispensaries, they will fight back with a ballot measure. a gun buy back is running out of time. gun buy gun has 3 more days. they have raised half. the church on december 14th, that's the one year anniversary of the newtown killing in connecticut. the rock and roll band tweeted it will not perform in florida after seeing the film
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black fish. it talked about a killing of a sea world trainer by an orca in 2010. willie nelson and bare naked ladies have also pulled their shows. a half million people crammed in kiev's central square. they toppled a statue that has been there since 1946. the government has launched an investigation. one deem demonstrator could
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face criminal charges. the group held demonstrations outside of the u ukrainian center. goods were purchased and brought to san francisco. coats, jackets, beanies, and clothing was handed out to those in need. >> our religion is taught to share with the less fortunate. >> families say this is their first give a way. bikers are helping children
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in the hospital. what they dropped off today at san francisco general hospital. >> reporter: dozens of harleys roared in the parking lot. every rider had a special delivery. they came bearing gifts. toys for the hospital's smallest patients. they dropped their donations under the tree. steve knows how much these toys mean. his son was hospitalized years back. >> he had a toy and i said where did you get that? he said the harley guys gave it to me. it touched my heart ♪. >> reporter: after 30 years it
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has become a tradition. the driving force is tom perkins who owns a dealership. the doctors here saved his life after a motorcycle crash. >> for a lot of them it may be the only one they get, and a hospital from experience is the worst place to be on christmas. >> reporter: these toys will do a lot of good. they will go to 500 children this holiday season. . >> a nice thing to see. santa visits children with special needs. the bay area -- how much
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santa came to visit and accommodated people with special needs. families of special needs children say events such as this make it easier for them to spend the holidays with their
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children. >> i like spending time with my family here. i like seeing santa. >> santa told ktvu the best part of his job is seeing them smile. it would be nice with the frost and ice would melt. >> reporter: the cold pattern continues. the current temperature in truckee you can guess after the forecast. no cheating. that answer in a bit. clear skies. the cold air mass comes from  the north. the current numbers show 30s. napa and san francisco, 39. san jose 41. more cold numbers in the north
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bay. the bay area chill will last a few more days. freeze warnings for most of the region except san francisco. there could be moisture on the roadways. tonight we have clear and cold, morning freeze. here is the live camera toward san francisco. it will be very cold tomorrow morning. the projected low is 34. by noon 49. in the extended forecast we will raise the lows a little. here is the projected numbers.
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widespread 20s. oakland is 30. look at the 20s toward concord and livermore. santa clara 20. sunnyvale low to mid-30s. palo alto at 27. the cold snap lingers, freeze warnings in place. wednesday into thursday the cold air moves from the north to the east. tracking a weather system producing a few light showers. by mid-week we will raise those temperatures a little. the overnight low is the story. it will be warmer than today.
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brentwood 50. back into 40s in pleasanton and livermore. temperatures trend up by 1 or 2 degrees. i say warming, but it will not be warm. partly sunny skies. a chance of a shower thursday night into friday. truckee. >> can i give you a hint? negative? >> not negative. >> 10. >> reporter: 1. it is 1 degree in truckee, but it will be negative over night. freezing temperatures
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didn't keep runners away from the marathon. 7,000 runners lined up in folsom. there were 2,000 runners in the fun run. . >> you know it is cold. i think it was 25. that was tough getting warmed up. >> the men's winner was from kenya. the woman's winner was from houston. another world record was set. san jose's joey chestnut won
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for eating shrimp cocktail. almost 4 pounds. there you go. the raiders look to snap their road losing streak. we have all the highlights coming up next in sports wrap.
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good evening. welcome to our sunday evening
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sports wrap. the win at candlestick, but not so fast seahawks. 49ers led 3-0. the ball goes out of bounds and goes to dawson. 6-0 9ers. 11 yards out. hawks lead. 3rd fieldgoal. russell wilson, it's wilson to wilson. luke wilson scoring. colin kaepernick to vernon davis. 9ers led. 4th quarter fieldgoal. get it from the line, gore made
6:51 pm
a move. it is a 51-yarder for frank gore. dawson has his 4th fieldgoal of the game. san francisco beets beats seattle at home. the 9 and 4 9ers led the nfc  best by 2 games. the rams were roughed up in arizona. clemens back 23 yards. they are 8 and 5 and have to face san francisco in 3 weeks. to say the raiders don't travel well would be an under
6:52 pm
statement. the 13th straight game played in the eastern time zone. matt is the guy who played in the metlife stadium. 3 3 defenders, 2 receivers, 1 touchdown. new york led 20-3. it is marcel. 20-10 in the 3rd. rod streeter and the 48-yard play. jets reach their highest point total since week one of last
6:53 pm
year. 15 yards. raiders try to strip the ball. jets win 47-27. oakland is 4 and 9 and home to host the chiefs sunday. week 14 is a day of new records, bad weather and finishes. the broncos coach returned to work. 14 degrees when the kicker has a fieldgoal. 64 yards, a new record. the denver record was 39 completions. denver wins to go 11 and 2. chiefs had a punt back and
6:54 pm
there he goes. returns at 95 yards. kansas city wins. they are 10 and 3. washington is a mess. mike shanahan could be fired form. 6 inches of snow fell during the lions and eagles game jeremy ross was making snow angels. a 57 and a 40-yard touchdown. the final phillies in the play off. a road trip on a winning note. and why is this golfer smiling? a once in a million shot you
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have to see. next.
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sharks played their 4th road game. kids, grab your popcorn. 2nd period. they outshot. they scored in the final 2 minutes. patrick scored his 13th goal of the season. the game was put away with an empty netter. tiger woods had a 2-stroke lead. on the 18th johnson hit one. this is his 4th shot for an impossible par. tiger saved par, but johnson had the momentum with that
6:58 pm
shot. they play the 18th hole again. tiger needs this par to stay alive. you never miss. he misses that put. johnson won a million dollars. that it for this edition of sports wrap. coming up tonight a generous so suprise at a bay area wall wal-mart.
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>> we tracked down the goods to find out how this could happen. >> my hands were. >> we ask why he's still on the job. an old unsafe


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